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New to Homeschooling?


Before giving us a call, please watch this informative "Texas Homeschooling 101" video that will help you to learn ALL the facets of homeschooling in Texas. We cover the Homeschooling Laws in the state of Texas, the basic requirements, how to start, how to choose a curriculum, and a few other handy tips too!

Want to join the CHC? Check out the Classes and About Tabs!

Welcome to the Community!

The Community Homeschool Center (CHC)  portion of Legends Events Center in Bryan, Texas is a Membership Facility for Homeschoolers, by Homeschoolers, meeting on Wednesdays.

Members can use the facility for teaching, learning, and connecting during its hours of operation.  Day passes for Court Use is $5/user.

Fall 2023 hours:

Wednesdays 8:15am-4pm

Classes begin September 6

Already a Member? We have NEWS!

FOOD! Concessions will be available - snacks before 11:30am, and at 11:30am, hot meals. Bring $10 or so and choose! 

Check out the food options HERE.

CODE OF CONDUCT: CHC'ers Walk! We do NOT have access to the COURTS. (Buy a $5 day pass to run on the courts.) Quick message here: PLAY.

WHERE ARE THE CLASSROOMS? Turn to the right, and go THROUGH the arcade. (Ref Lounge and Training Room to the LEFT.) Video message here: PLAY.

CHC LANYARDS? Wear your CHC Badge/Lanyard! Students & Members have access to every place except the courts. Short Explanation Here: PLAY.

**On September 20** STUDENTS ONLY Legends has a previous event on September 20, and can not allow us in the waiting spaces. So TEACHERS & STUDENTS ONLY may attend on Sept 20. Classrooms ONLY will be available. (No concessions area, no court passes, no hanging out.) Students can hang out in the Referee Lounge between classes, bring something quiet to study, or you'll be learning Spanish. ;-)

DRESS CODE: Same modesty requirements as before: thighs half covered, no midriffs, no vulgarities, underwear must not show. This information is printed on your CHC Badge. Other details are located on our About Us Page.


Check the Calendar Tab for a Full Calendar and Schedule

~First Day of Fall Classes: September 6, 2023



CHC Open House
Come and Go, meet the teachers, sign up for classes, grab resources! 10:30am-1:00pm

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