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HOW TO JOIN: Come to the Center!

Full Family Membership includes FULL ACCESS is only $60/year

Or $40/ Spring or Fall Semester Separately

Individual Student Membership includes FULL ACCESS is only $40/year

Or $30/ Spring or Fall Semester Separately

Want to save time? Print and fill out the Membership Form (front and back).

Just bring it to the CHC when you come



All members have access to:

1) A local gathering place for all homeschoolers (that is convenient to all sorts of shops!)
2) Study areas for individual or group study
3) Nursery/Social area for moms & younger siblings
4) FREE Coffee, easy, low cost snacks, a place to eat lunch, or take a break during errands and classes
5) FREE Wacky Week (last Mon & Weds of the Month) events: Lego Club, Chess/Games, Seminars & free Curriculum Swap.
6) FREE clubs and groups (Reading Club, Student Council, Drama Club, Newspaper, and on Monday Madness & Wacky Wednesdays; eClub sales 10-2, chess, and lego club) (Last week of the month)
7) Opportunity to sell your homemade goods, books, or products, for only $5/table a day
8) Safe, healthy, hangout location for homeschoolers ages 12 and up (without adult) (students under the age of 12 must be in class, or with a guardian)



1) Treat others as you would like to be treated.

2) Situations arising that need input or correction are handled privately, between involved parties.

3) The CHC Board (and therefore their manager) has ultimate authority in decision making on all CHC events or situations. By renting a classroom, paying for membership, you agree to abide by those decisions.




1) All clothing must be opaque. Midriff must remain covered. (No see-through or netted type clothing on the torso.)


2) At least half the length of your thigh should be covered when standing - Thus, your lap should remain about HALF covered when you sit, so your rear is always covered. (No short shorts, skirts, super short athletic shorts meant for sports, etc)

3) Underwear should be UNDER another article of clothing, and not be visible. This includes bras, bra straps, underwear for males or females - boxer waist bands, etc.

4) No profanity or overtly aggressive/evil messages should be worn nor displayed at the CHC. We are all about unity, and building up, not tearing down. Be positive in your attire…. or neutral. ;-)

5) Clothing deemed inappropriate by the manager or a CHC board member will stand. Students will simply be asked to wear a jacket for the day while at the CHC, should the clothing be deemed inappropriate.


That’s it!
We are so grateful to have such a wonderful community.
Let’s make it another great year!



Class Sign Up & Enrollment:

To sign up for classes, contact each teacher.  You can find class & teacher information on the Classes page.  We are only a facility & the teachers rent the space, the CHC does not employ them.  Each class has separate fees and tuition guidelines. Once you join the CHC Yahoo Group E-loop, you can usually find the info with a quick post search.

The CHC offers classroom space to anyone who would like to conduct a class for the low cost of $5/hour  for smaller spaces, and $8/hour for the larger classroom areas in the back. (Not for profit classes do not pay classroom rent, when they benefit all CHC Members.) Simply find an open spot on the Calendar, and contact us via Facebook or email to get more information on getting your class started!

To become a member, you can simply come up to the CHC & fill out a membership form. CHC accepts Checks or Cash, or PayPal to


Where, you ask?

Located in the Facility of LifeChurch, behind the JoAnn Fabrics store in the Tejas Center on Villa Maria and Texas Avenue.

Physical Address:

Life Church
725 E Villa Maria Rd
Bryan, TX 77802

**Please do not send correspondence to this address. Email us for the current physical address. Thank you!**

Our Philosophy
3 color CHC logo.jpeg


At the CHC, we enjoy many member benefits, but most importantly are the intangibles.
You know them… for instance, a valuable friendship, or a place to belong. We make the community we are in. This is why we have a free Curriculum Swap for items that members are no longer using that they would like to pass on, and why we are passionate about providing a place for a frazzled mom to stop in & rest in the midst of a crazy day & get a tasty cup of coffee & a listening ear. By nature, homeschoolers are hard-workers, non-conformists & truly brave.  It's so important to support one another.  There are many ‘benefits’ to being part of a community that maybe don’t look like much on paper, but sometimes they make all the difference in someone continuing to homeschool.
These are our favorite ‘benefits’.

In addition, we are always in the process of evolving to enrich our members lives & experience, so please, we welcome feedback about how we can do just that.

We welcome you,

The CHC Board

Our History

The brain child of a few dozen Homeschool Families, planning for an "all in one" location began in the Spring of 2009, and opened that SAME fall! Fall 2009 had just 25 families in classes on two days a week.

We've fluctuated from two to four days, mornings, only, First Fridays... LOTS of changes.

The one aspect that has stayed the same? The desire for UNITY.

Fast forward a DECADE, and we have over 200 families filling the four (or more) concurrent classrooms for longer hours than ever before.


Open From September through the first week in May each school year, a facility for homeschoolers to relax, rent, hang out, plan playdates, exchange curriculum, get advice, join classes and clubs, or even just a spot to rest between errands. Always managed by an informative homeschooling mom, and always consistently open during regular hours, there's a LOT to this community. Come and Join it!

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