eClub ~ Entrepreneur’s Club - Last Wednesday of each month - Sponsored by local small businesses. (Want to Sponsor a sale? Contact Kimberly Knopp to get on the calendar.)

Introducing children of all ages to each component of running their own business; from concept to sales. Sales are on last Mondays and Wednesday of the month, (10am-2pm)  with the eClub meeting directly afterward cleaning up. All children are expected to fully clean the CHC before leaving the sale.  This is a FREE club for all members, and parents are encouraged to attend. eClub stands for Entrepreneur Club. It consists of young business owners learning about making products, advertising, income and loss, profit margins, and of COURSE, advertising. Thank you for supporting these young students as they discover their passions through eClub. 

Any CHC family may join eClub after attending at least one sale as customers. Just contact us and we’ll get you started! Contact:

Chess Club: New start up again this year! Bring your board and be ready to learn and play every Wednesday at 10am!


Student Council: Who wants to help students plan events, dances, graduations, a homeschool year book and service projects? Contact:


Want to start a group or free club? Contact us through the Facebook page or email:


Quick Glance Contact List:

Board Members :

Lisa Lanning: 

Suzanne Gose: 

Eva Parsons:

Amber Collier:

Angela Leggett:




CHC Manager: Fall 2020

Eva Parsons


CHC Teachers and Club Contacts (Fall 2019- Spring 2020):

​Rebecca Boaz:

Nathan Boe: 

Amber Collier:

Dr. Dary Dega:

LaGina Evans:

Nicole Fleming:

Suzanne Gose:

Ashley Kinnard:

Aiden Loyd:

Karmen McGee:

G. McSpadon:

Lamar Ontko:

Christi Smith:







Flip Flop Spanish (parents welcomed to attend) - Class is conducted by advanced Spanish students from Sra. Gose’s classes and uses Flip Flop Spanish Products. Each week the classes will focus on learning through games and activities. Students are exposed to  ten-fifteen words per week, phrases, classroom commands, and manners, of course….includes optional homework. No text required. $8/week. 9am on Wednesdays. Contact Gentri: to enroll.


Tiny Tots - (Ages 3-5) $40/month with discounts given for multiple children & classes. Soul Creative Arts | Amber Collier |  Introductory dance, tumbling, and creative movement class for the littles! Activities are designed to develop strength, coordination, listening skills, creative thinking, and expression while focusing on pre-ballet, creative movement, and gymnastics skills in a fun environment. 


Letter Art:  Randa Anderson: ( Ages 3-6 years 

Meets Monday (9:00 a.m.-9:55 a.m.)

 Beginning Phonetic sounds & Letters $10.00 a class, ($15.00 onetime only supply fee)

  Hi, my name is Mrs.Randa Anderson and I will be teaching the Letter Art Class this fall semester at the Community Homeschool Center. I’m a Mom of 5 and I’ve been homeschooling my children for 15 years. My passions include photography, music, art and media design and all things related to health and wellness. 

This class will be an introductory to phonetic sounds and symbols(letters). I’ll be incorporating several different learning styles (visual, audio, kinesthetic) as I’m teaching. 



High School Science: Rebecca Johnson: ( I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from TX A&M in 1989.  I have worked in research for 10+ years.  I also taught Biology at a local co-op for 5 years.  My husband and I have two sons, Jack 22yrs and William 15yrs.


High School Biology: Rebecca Johnson: ( We will be using the Apologia text but not the tests.   The classes will largely consist of lecture with student interaction.  We will also have a lab session every other week.   Classes and tests will be designed to encompass different learning styles.

The class fee will be $10 each week, the lab fee for first semester is $30.00,  second semester is $55.  This is to cover the students lab supplies, or each student may bring their own supplies from their own sources.



High School Chemistry: Christi Smith ( Mondays 2pm-4pm  Discovering Design with Chemistry is a high school chemistry course designed for students who have completed Algebra I. This college-preparatory course covers fundamental aspects of chemistry such as the classification of matter, atomic structure, spectroscopy, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, physical change, chemical change, stoichiometry, solutions, ideal gases, acid/base chemistry, reduction/oxidation reactions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and chemical equilibrium. Weaving together concepts and their mathematical applications, the course teaches students how to think like a chemist so they can analyze the major changes that occur in matter.



We will meet each Monday to complete the labs, review material, and answer questions. I will have a weekly checklist for each student, so they will know the readings and homework to complete throughout the week. This is a graded course. I work with students to meet their learning styles and provide help as they travel through High School Chemistry. We will be using Discovering Design with Chemistry by Dr. Jay Wile as our text. It can be found used or at The book is also available in audio form for our auditory learners. The student will also need a 1” 3-Ring Binder with 5 dividers and a composition book.


Middle School General Science: Christi Smith ( Mondays 1pm-2pm   Exploring Creation with General Science is designed to be a student’s first systematic introduction to the sciences. This is a middle school science course for grades 7-8, ages 12-14. The course covers such topics as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology.

We will meet each week to complete or set up labs, review material and answer questions. I will have a weekly checklist for each student to help keep them on track. This is a graded course, introducing test taking skills in a positive setting. I work with students to meet their learning styles and provide help as they move through the course.

We will be using Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd edition by Dr. Jay Wile. This can be easily found used or purchased at There is also an audio version to go along with the text for our auditory learners. The student will also need a 1” 3-Ring Binder with 5 dividers and a composition book.

Cost : One time materials fee - $35, $8/class


High School Nutrition and Food Science Christi Smith (  Wednesdays 12pm-1pm: The class is a high school level class. I do have a couple of hard working 8th graders. The class can count as a science credit, a health credit, or an elective foods class. The students will receive a packet each week with reading materials and activities. We will perform food labs in class and the students will take what we learn and apply at home. We will cover the 6 nutrients, micronutrients, some biochemistry, energy, acids and bases, digestion, metabolism, enzymes, leavening agents, fermentation and food preservation. Throughout the course we will apply what we learn to food culture, meal planning, food safety, and food preparation. There is no book to purchase. I will provide all the readings and activities. The student will also need a 1” 3-Ring Binder with 5 dividers and a composition book. Cost : One time materials fee - $40, $8/class


Sense-able Science- Nicole Fleming ( Hands on Science Activities for Early Learners ages 4-5 years old.  We will be learning how to explore God's world with our senses! Mondays at 10am. $96 for 12 weeks.

Finding God's Fingerprints-  Nicole Fleming ( An exploration of science for students in First and Second grade using trade books as the medium for learning and experiments that coincide with books read aloud.  Sure to be a science-ational experience! Monday’s at 11am. $120 for 12 weeks

Mysteries of Flight-  Nicole Fleming ( Walk along in the steps of Wilbur and Orville Wright as they discovered the mystery to controlled flight!  "But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air and they will tell you.."Job 12:7.  This class is full of science demonstrations, experiments and activities that will allow each student to participate in the mystery of flight! Monday’s at 9am (FULL) and 12:30pm. $120 for 12 weeks



Latin- Beginning Latin (Latina Christiana 1) and First Form Latin. Karmen McGee ( Beginning Latin class (5th-8th grade) is a great, non-threatening introduction to Latin vocabulary and grammar.  First Form Latin (7th-12th) starts at the same place as Latina Christiana, but covers the material much more quickly. Second Form (second year Latin) is available, if there is an interest.  Bio:  Karmen McGee has been homeschooling since 1998, and teaching Latin at a homeschool co-op for over 5 years.  She likes teaching kids how to "crack the code" of Latin.  Three of her four children have attended Texas A&M, with her fourth still in high school.



Spanish All Levels: 

Pre-School Spanish, Elementary,  Junior High and High School 1A, 1, 2, & 2/3 mesh: Suzanne Gose ( Contact her to enroll ages 8 and up.

Preschool (ages 4-8) is taught by Gentri McSpadon,  a homeschool graduate and former advanced Spanish student of Sra.Gose. ( Contact her to enroll.

We enjoy speaking, grammar, and fun games. The classes require about 20-25 min/day of Spanish practice at home (except Flip Flop Spanish!) Textbooks come with audio files for at home practice. Señora Gose is a former public school teacher, Author of the Flip Flop Spanish series and has been teaching in the Brazos Valley Homeschool Community for more than 18 years.  She and her husband enjoy raising their five children and a multitude of animals on their homestead in Milano. 
Cost: $10/week,  Text: ~$20, depending on class 



Writing Composition Grades 3-5: Ashley Kinnard ( Beginning Writing Composition will be using the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) outlining and writing methods, teaching the students structure and style. This course will teach parts of speech, some grammar, and vocabulary as it pertains to writing composition. The goal of this class is to begin to equip students with the skills to become confident & skillful writers. 

Cost per class $10; Text Cost $29

Ashley Kinnard ( graduated from Texas A&M University with a BBA in Marketing. Since working in consulting and in recruiting/job placement for the Career Center at TAMU, she became acutely aware of the importance for students to become proficient communicators through writing. Ashley has been homeschooling since 2009, teaching all subjects, but specializing in writing. She has taught writing composition for Brazos Classical Academy for the past 4 years, gaining experience in teaching grades 3rd – 7th. Ashley has 4 children, grades 3rd – 10th.




Tiny Tots - $40/month with discounts given for multiple children & classes 

Soul Creative Arts | Amber Collier |  Introductory dance, tumbling, and creative movement class for the littles! Activities are designed to develop strength, coordination, listening skills, creative thinking, and expression while focusing on pre-ballet, creative movement, and gymnastics skills in a fun environment. (Ages 3-5)


Ballet I - Beginning - Intermediate (ages 5-7) $40/month with discounts given for multiple children & classes 

Soul Creative Arts | Amber Collier | We start with ballet basics and progress through the year gaining ballet skills. Students will be introduced to choreographed routines and perform at the end of the year recital.


Ballet II - Beginning - Advanced (ages 8+) $40/month with discounts given for multiple children & classes 

Soul Creative Arts | Amber Collier | Students progress in their ballet ability by continuing to gain additional skills, while also increasing their strength and endurance through barre work. Students will learn choreographed routines and perform at the end of the year recital. 


Beginning Gymnastics - (ages 5+) $40/month with discounts given for multiple children & classes 

Soul Creative Arts | Amber Collier | This is a beginning gymnastics class. Skills learned will begin with bridges, tripods, headstands, forward rolls, and progress to backwalkovers. They will perform at the end of the year recital.

Instructor Bio: Amber Collier has been dancing since she was 3, teaching since she was 14, and with the CHC for 4 years now. Through the years, Amber has brought her love for visual and performing arts together in Soul Creative Arts. A creative blend of graphic design, dance and gymnastics lessons, photography, and community outreach. 





Art DEGALLERY: Dr. Dary Dega (

Ages 5-9:  Our regular art classes for kids are designed to cultivate creativity. Young students develop motor skills and explore their creativity through age-appropriate drawing, painting, clay modeling, construction, paper mache, and a wide variety of other fun activities.
Our unique methodology will help your children become successful students and see the world in a special, unique way.
Ages 10-13: At this age students are already familiar with the basics of art, painting and crafting. Therefore, our goal is to show them a new type of versatile creativity. Our techniques train art taste and ability to focus, to dream and to create a real masterpieces on canvas, as well as using glass, ceramics, sand and water.
Ages 14+ :These classes are for teens who enjoy art and wish to improve theirs skills. Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolors), drawing, sculpture, and many other creative techniques will be taught in these advanced classes.
Cost of one class is $10 per child for Ages 5-9 and $15 for Ages 10 +.   This price includes the supplies which we will provide. You can pay for the classes on monthly basis or just pay for each class. 


Computer Science: Basic Python Level 1

$5 Programming Course for Kids!

A programming course for students in the 5th to 8th grades.Students will learn basic programming skills and concepts taught on their level. No prior programming experience needed. Each student will finish with a real programming project that they can extend and build upon over time. Contact Aiden Loyd    Email:


Intro to Logic: Nathan Boe

Nathan Boe has a passion for logic and how it applies to apologetics and thinking clearly about scripture. He taught logic and Bible at The Vail Academy, a private Christian school in the mountains of Colorado. He has also served as an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Vail Valley. His responsibilities included teaching children and overseeing the spiritual development of the lay-leaders of the church. Nathan currently is on staff with Valor, a division of Cru. His current mission is discipling ROTC cadets and student veterans.

Nathan was born and raised in Colorado. He met his wife, Rachelle, in eighth grade. They have five children; ages 2-21.

Introductory Logic (7th-12th grade)Materials Needed: Introductory Logic Student Handbook, James B. Nance (fifth edition) Cost: $10/week, Wednesdays at 2pm

Intermediate Logic (7th-12th grade)Materials Needed: Intermediate Logic Student Handbook, James B. Nance (third edition) Cost: $10/week, Wednesdays at 3pm 


Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Career Prep: On Wednesdays with Instructor Suzanne Gose ( Ages 9th grade and up. (Even High School graduates benefit greatly from these courses!) - We’ll cover all the basic speeches, learn to critique, study historical speeches, and of course what makes up a good speech. We’ll even get a chance for some fun mini-debating. Students will give 6 speeches of various length during the course. We’ll alternate with one week of notes, one week of speeches and critiques. Class length is 14 weeks (no class week of Thanksgiving)~ Suzanne is a former public school teacher for all levels of public speaking, Spanish, and ESL. She enjoys traveling the nation now and speaking to Homeschoolers and Educators in audiences of all sizes. The semester long Public Speaking Course (14 weeks) includes 6 speeches for each student, learning to critique, and improve in all areas of speaking. Cost: $10/week. Text Book: $20.  

Music and Guitar Lessons: 

LaGina Evans has been a piano teacher for 16 years, and a music teacher for 7 years. She’s been a singer all her life, and was the choir director and worship leader at her previous church. She’s had a passion for music ever since she started singing at 2, and playing piano at 5. She loves teaching, and has a natural ability to relate to students with a vast array of personalities, abilities and challenges. Throughout her musical career, she has helped countless children (and adults) realize their unique strengths, and overcome their difficulties, to become the best musicians they can be.

LaGina has been married for 30 years, and has 3 grown children. She loves to sing, travel with her husband, and spend quality time with her family – including performing at community and family events (between the 5 of them, they sing, and play piano, guitar, bass, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, tin whistle, flute and percussion). She just completed her 20th year of homeschooling, and is looking forward to having more time to share her love of music with children in the Bryan-College Station area!

LaGina Evans, Instructor (830) 591-6465
Facebook: @LaGinaEvansPianoStudio; Email:
MUSICAL BEGINNINGS I (Tuition $40/month)
handbells, Boomwhackers, rhythm instruments, singing & music theory (ages 5-7)
Fridays 9:00-10:00am
MUSICAL BEGINNINGS II (Tuition $45/month)
flutophones, Boomwhackers, rhythm instruments, singing & music theory (ages 8-10)
Fridays 10:00-11:00am
BEGINNING GUITAR (Tuition $50/month)
guitar chords, strum patterns & music theory (ages 11-18) 
Fridays 11am-12noon


WATER COLOR WORKSHOP: Join us for a 15-week class where we'll dive in to the wonderful world of WATERCOLOR! Covering topics such as COLOR THEORY, TECHNIQUE, and COMPOSITION, we will walk through step-by-step tutorials as well as learn how to develop individual art styles. We will meet at the CHC on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4pm. A one-time supply fee will provide high-end art supplies hand-picked to assist the artist in the creation of quality work made to last.

Class fee: $10 per week (Prepay Discount: $130 for semester)

Supply fee: $50 (one time)

Please email Kelsey Boe at for enrollment or more information!


Travel the World With Art : Mrs. Lamar Ontko
Students will take a trip around the world while learning art, surveying each continent, and highlighting iconic landmarks.  Studentswill learn about the culture of the particular region and create artfor that particular region.  We will use various media, including:acrylic, watercolor and tempera paints; chalk and oil pastels; penciland more.  We will use chalk and oil pastels, draw and color and adabble in other media .  Students will learn the fundamentals of art,including primary and secondary colors; warm and cool colors; tintingand shading hues; silhouettes; perspective and more.  We will also choose a number of famous artists to focus on throughout the year. Full class spans an academic year, and is taught in a three year cycle. Sibling discounts given.

Lamar homeschooled her five children for 9 years, and has taught this art class for the last 5 years.  Any questions, email:
Class Fee: $45/mo (4 mo)  OR  $165 for semester (save $15 overall)Supply fee:  $20/semester

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