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CHC News and Updates

Scroll Down to catch the upcoming news, recent reports, and any updates at the CHC. 

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Remind App - send a text to 81010 with the message @chcbcs

Are you not "in the know?" Please be sure to join the Remind app for info on any closures or schedule changes. This is the MAIN (almost only!) way we can communicate with all members. Joining is mandatory. Notifications are optional. We recommend checking each Wednesday before heading to the CHC.

Can you commit just ONE HOUR PER MONTH?

We have MANY new homeschoolers!

Looking for helpful homeschooling mommas with more than 3 years of experience and two years of being at the CHC!

Please take an hour (maybe monthly?) to help at the CHC help table:


~ CHC Lanyards & Badges - If you have lost your lanyard, we likely have it at the welcome table. (Anything else, check with the Legends desk - they have a very populated lost and found.) Please be sure to wear your lanyards each week.

~ ARCADE SPACE ~  Please remind your children that the arcade is not to be played on - as in "on a jungle gym." There have been several unsupervised children mistreating the games. Please remember that children under the age of 13 must have adult supervision at all times. We want the Legends Staff to be very HAPPY the CHC is here and not suffer damages at the hands of our children. Thank you!

Since the classrooms doors are in the back of the arcade, please do not use that space to congregate. Teachers & students need
 to be able to get in and out of their classrooms on the hour easily, and though the doors are heavy, loud conversations do seep through. Thank you for being courteous to the class time by finding another area to wait.

~ CODE OF CONDUCT: We were very sad to hear this bit. Please speak with your teen boys who were on the courts on Wednesday Jan 17: The CHC as well as Legends has the same expectation - no vulgarities or disparaging treatment is permitted from any student or member, not in jest, not at all. This is a family atmosphere where ALL are welcomed and should be an encouraging place to be. 

Some CHC young men were witnessed by many adults to be calling names toward other teams while on the courts. We all understand teens are not perfect. Even so. Vulgar speech is not permitted on Legends property/ CHC hours on court or off. Legends Staff or a CHC Board member will ask you to leave if this continues. 

Feb 14

Regular Classes. 8:15am-4pm

Legends has a prior event setting up today.
NO hallway use except for between classes.

Students and necessary adults only in the concessions area ONLY

Valentines Card Exchange!
Bring your decorated Valentines box give cards on the patio


Feb 21

Regular Classes.   8:15am-4pm

Feb 28

Regular Classes.   8:15am-4pm

Mar 6

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

Mar 13


Mar 20

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

Mar 27

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

Apr 3

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

Apr 10

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

Apr 17

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

Apr 24

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

May 1

Regular Classes. 8:15am-4pm

May 8

Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm

May 15

Last Day of the Semester - Regular Classes.  8:15am-4pm 

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